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Immunotherapy Protocols

SOR-CART-MM-001 Multiple Myeloma (RWH 341-37)

Phase I Trial of CAR2- Anti-CD38 A2 CAR-T Cell Infusions in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma (RRMM). (RWH 341-37)


RWMC-IPC 001 Peritoneal Carcinomatosis or Malignant Ascites (RWH 340-74)

Phase 1 Trial of Anti-CEA CAR-T Cell Intraperitoneal Infusions for Treatment in Patients with CEA+-Expressing Adenocarcinoma Peritoneal Metastases or Malignant Ascites. (RWH 340-74)


SOR-CAR-T-CEA-001 (RWH 360-74)

Phase Ib Study of CAR2 Anti-CEA CAR-T Cell Hepatic Arterial Infusions for Pancreatic Carcinoma Patients with CEA-Expressing Liver Metastases Using the HITM Method and Pressure Enabled Delivery Device

Eligibility Criteria: 

- Tumor must be CEA-expressing demonstrated by elevated CEA level (CEA >10)

- Liver metastases from pancreatic cancer must be documented

- Failed at least one line of conventional therapy

- Good performance status

 Primary Contact: Ashley Moody, BSN, RN (See below for contact info)   

Contact Information

(All team members listed below are located at Roger Williams Medical Center, 825 Chalkstone Avenue, Providence, RI 02908)

Ashley Moody, BSN, RN (Immunotherapy Research Nurse Manager)
Email: alarkin@chartercare.org                                                                      

Alexandra Milhaupt, BSN, RN (Immunotherapy Nurse)      
Email: alexandra.milhaupt@chartercare.org  

Catherine Conley, BS (Immunotherapy Research Data Collection Manager)
Email: Catherine.conley@chartercare.org