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Comprehensive Oncology Program for Elders

Introducing the Comprehensive Oncology Program for Elders (COPE) at Roger Williams Cancer Center

Helping Elders Win the Battle With Cancer

Recognizing the greater likelihood of cancer in the elderly, along with the risk to elder health of various cancer treatments, Roger Williams Cancer Center is proud to have launched the Comprehensive Oncology Program for Elders (COPE), the only such program in Rhode Island.

The COPE program is specifically designed to mitigate the physical decline in cancer patients over the age of 65…a decline that is experienced as a result of the disease of cancer and its treatment.

When you are referred to COPE, an initial pre-treatment assessment is performed to evaluate you for any and all of the following intervention services:

The COPE program has established intervention protocols for each of the above clinical criteria. Intervention services are planned, referred and managed by our Patient Navigator, making access to our program easy and seamless for you or your family member.

To Make a Referral
To be eligible for COPE, you must be at least 65 year of age and have the recommendation of both your family doctor as well as one of our oncologists.

All services provided through COPE are eligible for reimbursement by government and commercial insurers.

For more information, please call 401-456-2000 ext. 8419